Movie Scenes & Special Events

Johnny has been supplying horses, horse drawn vehicles, and period props to the movie industry and to special events for over thirty years. The following represents some of the movies and special events he has contributed to. Please note that this is not a complete history of his work.

Movie Scenes

Amelia - The Amelia Earhart Story


Amelia 1
Amelia Amelia

An American Thanksgiving

An American Thanksgiving An American Thanksgiving
An American Thanksgiving An American Thanksiving
An american Thanksgiving An American Thanksgiving

Glory enough For All

Glory Enough for All Glory Enough For All
Glory Enough For All

Molly, An American Girl



vegetable wagon

Beautiful Dreamers

Brougham Carriage & Johnny


Looking for Miracles

beautiful dreamers

vegetable cart - carting people

Women of Windsor

Women of Windsor

Women of Windsor

Women of Windsor

Return of Elliot Ness

elliot ness3

Elliot Ness2

elliot ness

duggan 3wagon

Blood Sport

blood sport

blood sport2

blood sport3

blood sport4

Prince Charming

prince charming


prince charming2

/flat wagon

/medieval horses

prince charming3

Common Ground

common ground

Dracula 2000


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The Music Man

oak express


the music man3

the music man4

Keeping The Promise

express oak wagon

waterfront scene

The Oath

the oath2

The Oath3

the oath4

The Monks

The Monks

The Hitchcock Mysteries

The Hitchcock Mysteries

hitchcock mysteries

Special Events

Promotion for Back To the Future - Part 2


Dressed Working Horses

White Trick Horse, High Park

spotted horses

white horse in high park

Promotion for Bread Company

Christmas Time at Bayview Village

/johnny bread wagon2

Bayview Village

Wagon Ride in Allen Gardens

Wagon Ride In Allen Gardens

Winterfest at Dentonia Park, Toronto, Ontario


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